#OnTheUp: Steve Smith makes magic and channels the force

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Hit For Six!

Another eventful week has passed, the Ashes keeps getting more and more interesting, and so does the rest of the cricket world.

We know which movies and books Jimmy Neesham grew up watching and reading. Hermione Granger would be proud.

In the second Ashes Test, Steve Smith showed how he can entertain and inspire people even when he is not scoring.

Even mothers know the secret of Smith's success.

No wonder then the highest run-scorer so far in this Ashes jumped to the No.2 spot in the Test rankings.

Australia might have won that Test if not for the efforts of one man. What a Test debut. Take a bow!

There is no dearth of greats in this game and India's own superstar completed 11 years in international cricket.

Speaking of greats, welcome to the mutual appreciation society.

You can't beat the old legends though...

And the new ones in making.

And there are those who have greatness thrust upon them!

Pavel Florin's unusual bowling action is nothing compared to this fielding method that Netherlands want to adapt.

Who's looking forward to Baby Satterhuhu's birth?

Well, for Hassan Ali ... 'And then there will be 2!'

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