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Arrie de Beer joined the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) of the ICC at its inception in 2002 when it was based in London.  He was recruited as part of the initial group called the Regional Security Managers (RSM) and he was based in Africa.

Prior to joining the ICC, Arrie had served in the South African Police Service in the field of Intelligence and as Commander in the Protection Service.

Arrie represented the ICC ACU at various events beginning with the ICC Cricket World Cup that started in Africa in the year 2003.  He has performed his role as Anti-Corruption Manager (ACM) in all the Test-playing Nations and several Associate nations.

His role as the Anti-Corruption Manager with the Integrity Unit requires him to provide a physical presence at international bilateral matches and at ICC events to ensure the safety, security, safeguarding and integrity of the game. An important aspect of the ACM role is that of relationship building by securing and maintaining positive relationships across the cricket world.  He plays an active role in the gathering and sharing of intelligence based on the ICC Standard Operating Protocols and assists in investigations as directed.  Most cricket participants know Arrie as the ‘kind, softspoken person'. 

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