Nilesh Makwana

Nilesh Makwana

CEO, Illuminance Solutions

Hit For Six!

Sport is borderless. It removes barriers, encourages teamwork, and inspires. As an Indian-Australian, I believe cricket is the best example of this. With every passing season, we truly see better bonds, stronger friendships and a shared spirit grow between our nation and others.

Nilesh Makwana is the CEO of global-award winning technology company illuminance Solutions. 

Nilesh is a Public Interest Technologist and a passionate advocate for digital inclusion and diversity.

He is an Australia Day Council Ambassador and the former Vice President for the WA Chapter of Australia India Business Council.

He and his team have won several awards, including: 2021 Western Australian Multicultural Business Award; 2019 Business Migrant of the Year Award; 2019 Australian Computer Society Gold Digital Disruptors Award and 2019 Microsoft Global Partner for Social Impact.

The Indian-Australian is Co-founder and President of Borderless Gandhi, an NGO which promotes message of peace, equality and non-violence through artistic reflection of the life work and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.

He is a public speaker on Karmic leadership, diversity, and inclusion, and is author of book “Terminal 4: An Entrepreneur’s Journey from Bicycle to Business Class.” 

Nilesh and his Norwegian artist wife Lene Makwana have created several art exhibitions in India and Australia to promote people to people linkages.

One of Nilesh’s favourite memories growing up is playing cricket in the streets of India in his hometown. 

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