The Motley Crew Pack: All you need to know about the latest Crictos pack drop


Hit For Six!

The new Crictos pack drop from Fancraze will feature, among others, some brilliant women players, conciding with the ongoing Women's T20 championship at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

The Motley Crew pack, releasing on Friday (5 August), will feature an assortment of Common and Rare Crictos video moments, including plenty from women's cricket. 

Over 30 women players will be featured in the new pack drop, with moments ranging from fantastic catches to sizzling fours and monstrous sixes.

The waiting room for this pack drop opens at 2pm UTC on Friday, and closes at 2.45pm UTC. The Pack Drop goes live at 3pm UTC

Pack Details

The packdrop features a wide-range of moments from both men's and women's cricket, including the below three:

Video cwc19 04 Aug 22
FanCraze Women's Pack Drop

Darcie Brown

Darcie Brown snares Amelia Kerr during the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022 with full delivery outside off. Kerr looks to flash at it, but only manages to edge it straight to second slip, who takes an outstanding catch.

Fatima Sana

Pakistan's young all-rounder Fatima Sana gets the better of India counterpart Pooja Vastrakar during the India-Pakistan clash in the group stage of the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022. Sana has Vastrakar's stumps clattered after the batter plays all around a sizzling delivery.

Chamari Athapaththu

Chamari Athapaththu demonstrates her power-hitting skills with a slog sweep against Amelia Kerr's tossed-up delivery that sails for six during ICC Women's T20 World Cup 2020.

The Motley Crew pack drop – All you need to know
The Motley Crew pack drop – All you need to know

What is Crictos?

Crictos is an official ICC digital collectible featuring the greatest plays in international cricket from the ICC’s extensive archive.

There are a total of four tiers of Crictos increasing in the order of rarity:

Common Tier: Highly Accessible. (1000+ copies per NFT)

Rare Tier: Smaller Edition Sizes. (500-999 copies per NFT)

Epic Tier: Limited Edition. (150-499 copies per NFT)

Legendary Tier: Elite Collector Level. (25-100 copies per NFT)

Once a user has set up their account and purchased their first Pack of Crictos, they can then add to their collection by trading their Crictos with a global community of users via the official marketplace on FanCraze.

What is a Pack?

A Pack is a set of Crictos, which are sold as a bundle on These special packs are made available for purchase in limited supply.

Once Fancraze announces a new pack drop, users can head to the website to join the waiting room.


ICC Crictos official marketplace is now open!


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