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New ICC Training and Education programmes launched


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The ICC have further highlighted their ongoing commitment to growing the game of cricket by releasing the data from the first year of the new ICC Training and Education programmes.

The programme was initially released in October last year and the figures for the first 12 months show that since then more than 9,500 active learners have enrolled online to the ICC education courses.

ICC Training and Education
ICC Training and Education

As part of its Global Growth Strategy that was also released last year, the ICC is committed to providing its 108 member countries with easy access to world-class participation programmes.

The ICC Coaching Foundation Certificate - an entry-level coaching course - was the first programme made available to aspiring coaches and more than 3,200 learners have already completed the training programme.

The free course is available in nine different languages - Arabic, English, French, German, Indonesian Bahasa, Portuguese, Sinhalese, Spanish and Tamil - and can be completed at any pace and through short, sharp modules on a computer or via a mobile device.


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With the ICC Coaching Foundation Certificate having already made a positive impact, the ICC has since further expanded its coach education by offering aspiring coaches with the ability to complete the ICC Coaching Course Level 1.

The ICC Coaching Course Level 1 was made available in March this year and allows participants to deliver coaching sessions to beginners on their own, while containing more in-depth technical information on pivotal components of the game.

The course is delivered through a blended learning approach that incorporates online and face-to-face training and more than 200 people have already been certified within the first sixth months of its inception.

It is forecast that more than 1,000 people will have completed the course by the end of this year, with the help of ICC Master Educators (16) and ICC Tutors (over 170) who are accredited to deliver and certify these courses in ICC Member countries.

ICC General Manager of Development William Glenwright is delighted with the early impact the programmes have made and believes more ICC Member countries will take the opportunity to participate in the courses.

"ICC Members have told us that improving access to coach, umpire and pitch curator training programmes is one of the biggest priorities for the growth of the game," Glenwright noted.

"Consequently, we have spent the past two years working with some of the world’s leading experts in sport education to build the ICC’s first ever comprehensive Training and Education Programme – and the response in a short space of time has been inspiring. 

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"Our ambition to improve the playing experience for participants at all levels of the game is reliant on increasing the number and quality of coaches, umpires and pitch curators in all Member countries. 

"To do that we need to ensure there is access to a world class education programme and a trained workforce to deliver these courses, when and where Members need them. 

"Whilst we are in the early days of the programme rollout, the response from Members and participants alike suggests that we are on the right track."

To access the ICC Training and Education courses, learners can register via the following link: https://edapp.com/icc

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