Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

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You may need to use a prohibited substance or a method to treat a legitimate medical condition.

If this applies to you, then you must obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) certificate before using the prohibited substance or method. Unless there are emergency or exceptional circumstances, TUE applications must be lodged with the ICC a minimum of 30 days before you require an approved exemption, failing that the application should be sent as soon as possible.

Key steps to completing your TUE application:

  1. Obtain the TUE application form from the ICC website ( or request a hard copy from the ICC anti-doping contacts listed on this guide

  2. Complete all sections of the form

Warning: Incomplete or illegible forms will not be approved / accepted and will be returned to you for resubmission

  1. Make sure that your doctor has read and signed the Medical Practitioner’s Declaration

  2. Read and sign the Player Declaration

Note: In addition, any player under the age of 18 will also need the signature of a parent / guardian.

  1. Send the TUE application form to the ICC as soon as possible

Note on TUEs: If you have already obtained a TUE from another anti-doping organization (such as your National Cricket Federation or a National Anti-Doping Organisation), you may apply to have that TUE recognised by the ICC. You must send a copy of the TUE certificate, the original TUE application with supporting documentation, together with a covering letter requesting the ICC to recognise the exemption. Unless and until such recognition is communicated to you, you use the prohibited substance or method in issue entirely at your own risk.

In all other circumstances, you may not assume that your application for a TUE will be granted.

Again, your use of the prohibited substance or method in issue before approval of your TUE application, or recognition of another anti-doping organisation’s TUE is at your own risk.

More information on TUEs, including detailed documents outlining the application and recognition process, can be found on the ICC website.

To view/ download the ICC TUE Application form, please click here

2021 International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ISTUE)

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