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Nasir Jamshed handed 10-year suspension

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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) took action against Nasir Jamshed, the former opening batsman, for his role in spot-fixing, banning him for 10 years.

The PCB's anti-corruption tribunal found Jamshed guilty of 'masterminding' the spot-fixing scandal that marred Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2017.

“PCB's charges against Nasir Jamshed have been proved, and he's been banned for 10 years over multiple charges. Even after the period of suspension, he won't be allowed to be involved in cricket or cricket administration,” said Taffazul Rizvi, PCB's legal adviser.

“His name will be placed on the lists of 'persons to be avoided', so this was the decision. As PCB has been saying from day one, Jamshed was the lynchpin in the corruption case, that has been proven today. We've been saying that he is the one who recruited others into spot-fixing.”

“Jamshed was the lynchpin in the corruption case”
“Jamshed was the lynchpin in the corruption case”

Sharjeel Khan, Khalid Latif, Mohammad Irfan, Mohammad Nawaz and Shahzaib Hasan are the other players who have been punished in the episode so far.

Jamshed, who has represented Pakistan in two Tests, 48 one-day internationals and 18 Twenty20 Internationals, was earlier suspended for a one-year period by PCB from December 2017, but it was clarified that the previous sentence was only because of his failure to co-operate with the investigation.

“I just want to clarify that the initial one-year suspension was only for his failure to co-operate with PCB in the investigation, this one is for his role in spot-fixing.

“He was the most pivotal culprit in the corruption episode as far as PCB's jurisdiction goes,” said Rizvi.

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