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'I was the weak link' – Aaron Finch on series defeat to India

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Aaron Finch, the Australia ODI captain, said he hoped to use his break from international cricket to address flaws in his technique after a disappointing one-day international series against India in which he was dismissed for scores of 6, 6 and 14.

Finch was dropped from the Test squad for Australia's upcoming series against Sri Lanka as well, having fared poorly in the four-Test series against India that preceded the ODIs.

That means Finch will have some time to rectify problems – he was dismissed thrice by Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the ODIs, each time with the ball that moved in – and the Australia ODI captain is determined to sort them out.

"It'll be good to be at home and to spend some time around some friends again," Finch was quoted as saying by AAP. "It was obviously a disappointing series. Nowhere near as many runs as I would have liked or as big an impact with the bat."

However, Australia as a team were a lot more consistent with the bat, especially in the middle overs, and Finch was pleased with the improvement. 

"We've seen some real improvement in the way we've batted in the last three ODIs in particular," said Finch. "I was probably the weak link in that, which is disappointing for me as the captain of the side. I think this time will be really good to be able to work on my game with some more time in the schedule.

"It will allow me to work on specific things in my game. When you're trying to tinker with a few things with a day in between games and things like that, you don't have enough time to hit enough balls to be able to get that set.

"I'm really excited about the next couple of weeks to work on my game and hopefully get that right. I've got a lot of confidence in myself that I can do that, but time will tell."

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