ICC Training and Education Programme launches Umpire Level 1 course

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  • A video showcasing the Umpire Level 1 course around the world can be located here

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is delighted to launch the latest addition to its Training and Education Programme – the ICC Umpire Level 1 Course.

The vision for the programme is to empower and equip ICC Members to create their own workforces while inspiring and encouraging participants to choose cricket as their number one sport of choice and fulfil their potential as coaches and umpires.

The Training and Education Programme provides a series of courses which ICC Members can use to administer and deliver training and education programmes to suit their own unique needs. The ICC Umpire Level 1 course follows the formation of the ICC Coaching and ICC Umpire Foundation courses as well as the ICC Coaching Level 1 course. It can now be arranged and conducted by Members with the assistance of identified ICC Umpire Tutors.

Globally, there are more than 75 Level 1 Umpire Tutors who are eligible to conduct the Level 1 Umpire course. It is hybrid in nature, taking place online, in a classroom-style setting as well as in-person to facilitate role play and in-game simulation.

Umpire Level 1 Coaching Course Launched

Umpire Level 1 Coaching Course Launched

ICC General Manager – Development, Will Glenwright said: “This marks another milestone in the evolution of our Coach and Umpire Education Programme with the launch of the ICC Level 1 Umpire’s Course.

“The role of umpiring is vital in attracting and retaining participants in our sport with millions of participants who are trying our sport through our Criiio Cricket programme in schools and community groups around the world. Our focus is on retaining as many of those through a fun and engaging cricketing experience and it starts with the training of Level 1 umpires and coaches to ensure that those people that are choosing to play cricket are having an enjoyable experience.

“The Level 1 course is a continuation of the Umpire Education pathway which starts with the Umpire Foundation course. Since the launch of that course six months ago, we have had more than 4000 participants and now our aim is to progress as many of those into the Level 1 course. With the foundation course targeted towards teachers and parents, the Level 1 course is targeted towards community and club level umpires.

“Fundamental to the sustainable delivery of all our education programmes is the training of a local workforce. Over the last six months we’ve been working with our Members to train up local tutors for the Umpire Level 1 course. We already have tutors trained in over 60 countries, our ambition is to ensure that all 108 of our Members have a local work force that can deliver these courses on their schedule and in accordance with their local needs.”

Newly trained ICC Level 1 Umpire Tutor from the Philippine Cricket Association, Travis McCall said: “It’s wonderful to see the emergence of so many passionate umpires from across our region. It’s been wonderful to have the experience from all the master educators and the support from the ICC in our region.

“I’m excited to see what happens going forward in the next six to 12 months, putting what we’ve learned to action in the Philippines and inspiring and growing the Filipino base of umpires.”

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