ICC Men's T20 World Cup: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup West Indies and USA 2024 taking place?

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 will be played in the West Indies and USA from 1-29 June 2024.

Below outlines when matches will be played from the group stage through to the Final.

  1. Group Matches: Sunday 1 June – Monday 17 June 2024
  2. Super 8 Stage: Wednesday 19 June – Monday 24 June 2024
  3. Semi-Finals: Wednesday 26 June and Thursday 27 June 2024
  4. Final: Saturday 29 June 2024 | Reserve Day: Sunday 30 June 2024

There are reserve days for the Semi-Finals and the Final. The full match schedule can be found here.

What teams have qualified for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024?

The 20 teams listed below have qualified for the World Cup and will be divided into four groups as follows:

Group A: India, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, USA

Group B: England, Australia, Namibia, Scotland, Oman

Group C: New Zealand, West Indies, Afghanistan, Uganda, Papua New Guinea

Group D: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Nepal

What is the format of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024?

The tournament will feature 55 matches in total:

  1. 40 x Group Stage matches
  2. 12 x Super 8 matches
  3. 2 x Semi-Finals
  4. 1 x Final

Following the group stage, the top two teams in each group will progress to the Super 8 stage. The top two teams in each Super 8 group will contest the Semi-Finals.

Where will the matches be played?

The matches will be played in nine iconic host venues, six in the West Indies and three in the USA:

Matches in the West Indies will be played at the following stadiums:

Antigua and Barbuda: Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound

Barbados: Kensington Oval, Bridgetown

Guyana: Guyana National Stadium, Georgetown

Saint Lucia: Daren Sammy Cricket Ground, Gros Islet

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Arnos Vale Stadium, Kingstown

Trinidad and Tobago: Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Tarouba

Matches in the USA will be played at the following stadiums:

Florida: Broward County Stadium, Lauderhill

New York: Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, Nassau County

Texas: Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Dallas

Following the Group stage, how will I know which teams will advance to the Super 8 stage?

Upon completion of the Group stage, the top two teams from each of the four groups will move into the Super 8 stage of the tournament, where they will be placed into two groups of four teams.

Teams seeded first and second in their first round groups at the start of the event will retain that seeding in the Super 8 stage, provided they qualify.

If the first and second seeds do not progress, the team that does will take their place. For example, if Netherlands were to come top of group D and South Africa came second, South Africa would remain as D1 in the Super 8s and Netherlands would follow the schedule for D2 in the Super 8 stage.

How will I know which teams will advance to the Semi-Finals and Final?

Upon completion of the Super 8 stage, the top two teams from each of the two groups will progress to the Semi-Finals. We encourage fans to refer to the points table at t20worldcup.com for updates after each match has been concluded. The winner of each Semi-Final will play in the Final.

Where are the Semi-Finals and Final being played?

  1. Semi-Final 1 will be played in Trinidad and Tobago at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Tarouba, on Wednesday 26 June 2024
  2. Semi-Final 2 will be played in Guyana at the Guyana National Stadium, Georgetown, on Thursday 27 June 2024.
  3. The Final will be played in Barbados at the Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, on Saturday 29 June 2024

Semi-Final matches and the Final will have a Reserve Day.

What is a reserve day?

This is the additional day set aside for the Semi-Finals and Final, where a match can be continued in case weather has prevented the minimum number of overs from being completed on the scheduled day. If a match goes to a reserve day, tickets for the originally scheduled day will be valid.

What are the start times for each match?

Start times for matches will vary from venue to venue. For a full list of start times, click here.

How long is an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match in duration?

On average, an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes in duration. This includes both innings and the innings break.

Ticketing Information

What are the ticket categories and prices?

Ticket categories and prices can be found at tickets.t20worldcup.com.

Are there any service, processing and/or delivery fees added onto the advertised price?

Taxes will be applied to the ticket price where applicable and it will be added during the checkout process. Print at home will be applicable fees will be imposed beyond the specified taxes.

Are ticket prices the same, regardless of which country I live in?

Yes, the published prices are the same for everyone.

What does a ticket category mean?

All ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 stadiums are divided into different enclosures which have different views of the field of play and may have differing degrees of shade. For general ticket sales, these have been divided into four categories, although not all categories of ticket are available at each venue.

  • Premium
  • Standard Plus
  • Standard
  • Grounds and Mounds/Standing Room Only (SRO)

Will there be party stands at ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024?

Yes, there will be party stands for selected matches. Details about party stands and ticket sales for party stands will be announced in March 2024.

How many tickets will be available to the public

A small allocation of tickets is reserved for event partners and sponsors. All remaining tickets will be available to the public via the official ticketing website: tickets.t20worldcup.com.

Will tickets be sold on a first come, first served basis, or will I have to apply through a ticket ballot?

There was a public ticket ballot window which will allowed fans to apply for tickets at tickets.t20worldcup.com. This ran from 1 to 7 February 2024.

Phase 1 of ticket sales will start on 22 February 2024 following the ballot where tickets for limited matches (depending on the availability), will be made available for sale on a first come, first served basis.

If I have forgotten my password, how can I log back into my account?

It’s easy to access your account if this happens. Select the ‘forgot my password’ function to generate an automatic email with steps to select a new password. This will then enable you to access your account.

Can I purchase tickets to multiple matches?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for any match you would like to attend. You can purchase a maximum of six (6) tickets per game.

Why is there a limit on the number of tickets I can apply for/purchase?

This is to provide everyone with a fair chance to purchase tickets.

Where will my seats be in the stadium?

Tickets will be allocated via an automated system. Ticket holders will be assigned to the respective ticket/seat number and categories corresponding to their original purchases. Ticket maps will be displayed while applying which will indicate where each category is located within each venue.

If my friend and I both buy tickets, can we request our tickets are together?

Allocation of seats is automated therefore there is no guarantee that tickets purchased via separate transactions will be located together.

Is the website tickets.t20worldcup.com the only website where I can purchase tickets from?

Yes. Tickets will only be available at the authorised ticket sales website: tickets.t20worldcup.com.

Can I resell my tickets?
From the start of the Super Eight stage, you can choose to list your tickets for sale through the the authorised ticket sales website: tickets.t20worldcup.com. Click on 'Resale' in the top navigation menu bar and you can choose which tickets to resell. This only applies to fans who have purchased directly from the the authorised ticket sales website (tickets.t20worldcup.com) and for tickets for games in the Super Eight stage, Semi-Finals and Final.

What happens to my tickets when I resell them?
The tickets are listed on the resale section of the tickets.t20worldcup.com website for other fans to purchase for exactly the same price you purchased them for. Once you choose to resell them, the tickets are removed from your account. You will only receive a refund once another fan purchases them, less a 5% resell fee. If the tickets are not purchased, then you will not receive a refund.

I’ve decided not to resell my tickets, having listed them for resale. What can I do?
If your tickets have not been purchased, you can go into the Resale section of your account, and cancel the tickets that you have listed for resale. The tickets will return to your account for you to use.

I’ve purchased tickets from the Resale Tickets section of tickets.t20worldcup.com. Are they any different?
No, they are exactly the same as all other tickets, only that they were originally purchased by someone else. When you purchase them, they will be uploaded to your account for you to access via the T20 World Cup Mobile Ticket Wallet App. The T20 World Cup ticket Terms and Conditions still apply, as does the Refund Policy. You will only be able to get a refund if the match is cancelled or the weather prevents 5 overs of play and an official result being achieved.

Can I purchase tickets using my mobile phone?

Yes you can, the ticket portal, tickets.t20worldcup.com is mobile friendly.

Can I purchase tickets from outside the Caribbean and USA?

You certainly can. Tickets can be purchased from anywhere via the official ticket sales website: tickets.t20worldcup.com using debit and credit cards.

What debit or credit cards can I use to make my online ticket purchases?

You can use MasterCard or Visa debit or credit cards for ticket purchases. However, American Express cards will not be accepted.

Will my credit card information be safe and secure when paying online?

Yes it will. The ticketing platform uses sophisticated security technology to ensure your credit card details remain safe. The transaction is done directly through your bank and once the transaction is complete the ticket sales staff cannot view or access your credit card details.

What happens after my ticket transaction is completed?

Fans will receive a purchase confirmation via email. This is a guaranteed assurance of the tickets you have paid for. However, the specific seat numbers and ticket barcodes will be communicated via email, closer to the start of the tournament.

How will I receive my e-tickets or m-tickets?

Tickets for the event will be available through tickets.t20worldcup.com. You'll need to log in to retrieve your ticket details. Additionally, m-tickets will be accessible through the ICC mobile app.

Why can’t I have my tickets sent to me in the post?

For this event, we are using electronic tickets. This helps to prevent potential fraudulent transactions and the sale of tickets on unauthorized websites.

When will I receive my tickets?

You will receive your e-tickets at least two weeks before the date of the match you are scheduled to attend. Seat numbers and barcoded tickets will be assigned to all ticket holders. If you do not receive your e-tickets two weeks before the match you are scheduled to attend, please contact us at tickets@t20worldcup.com.

Will I have to print my ticket to gain access to the match venue?

You can print your ticket/s, or you can show the ticket on your phone or mobile device.

If I missed the public ticket ballot window, will I still be able to purchase tickets?

Yes, you will be able to. Now the ballot window is closed, all unsold tickets will go on Phase 1 from Thursday 22 February 2024 and can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis at tickets.t20worldcup.com.

What time will the gates open on match days?

Gates will open 2 to 2 ½ hours before the scheduled start time of the match.

Do children require tickets?

Yes. Anyone three (3) years or older will require a ticket.

If my child is under two (2) years of age, will they require a ticket?

Children two (2) years of age and under will be allowed free of charge. That child will have to sit on the lap of the adult accompanying them.

Is there a discount for Senior Citizens on tickets?

No discount will be applicable for senior citizens.

If I buy tickets but am unable to use them, can I request a refund?

Please refer to the Ticket Refund Policy, available at Refund Policy for full details on when a refund would be provided.

Can I sit with family and friends if I have a wheelchair?

Each venue will make all reasonable efforts to provide access and spaces for wheelchair users next to regular seats, however, there may be instances when this may not be possible.

Will there be price concessions for people with accessible needs?

All tickets are priced based on the venue area where the seat is located.

Will there be a box office at each match venue where I can purchase tickets?

At this point in time, tickets will only be available online at tickets.t20worldcup.com.

Will I be able to leave the venue and return?

There is no re-entry policy at any venue.

Can I use the tickets I purchased as part of a business promotion or as a prize in a competition?

Only official event partners may utilize tickets in business promotions, incentive schemes, competitions, or marketing campaigns, and only with the specific approval of ICC.

I want to purchase tickets for a group larger than six (6). Can I do this?

Yes, you can. There is a Community Group Ticket Sales Process which provides ticket sales options for groups of 6 or more to attend matches together. For more details about this option email us at tickets@t20worldcup.com.

Who are the official travel agents for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024?

For a list of authorized travel agents visit here to learn more.

Is a visa required for entry into the Caribbean and USA?

Fans may need to apply for a visa for the country they wish to visit, including any international transit visas that may be applicable. Fans are encouraged to complete their visa applications as early as possible to ensure they are processed before their intended travel dates.

Please note that the process of applying for, approving, and issuing entry visas is managed by the respective governments of each host country and their authorized agencies.

The International Cricket Council (ICC), Cricket West Indies (CWI) and T20 USA Inc. are not responsible for this process or the approval of visas. Tickets are not refundable if the correct visa is not obtained or if entry into a host country is denied for any reason.

What will happen to my tickets if the match is moved?

If the match is relocated, any fan with a confirmed match ticket will be able to attend the match in the relocated venue or, for fans who do not wish to attend the match, they can request a refund via email at tickets.t20worldcup.com. In case of a match relocation, fans will be notified via email, outlining the procedure for obtaining new tickets for the relocated venue or to request a refund.

Are there restricted items that will not be allowed inside the stadium?

For the safety and wellbeing of all fans, certain items will not be allowed in the stadium. A list of prohibited and restricted items will be available on the event website and will be posted on signage at all points of entry to stadia.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the ticketing process?

If the ticketing FAQs here does not have an answer for any ticketing question(s) you have, email us at tickets@t20worldcup.com.

Where can I find a copy of the ticket terms and conditions?

You will need to read and accept the ticket terms and conditions in order to purchase tickets. The terms and conditions are available on the official sales website here for the USA and West Indies. The terms and conditions will also be emailed to you with the confirmation of tickets.