Refund Policy

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Ticketing: Refund Policy

Refund Policy

ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024 - Ticket Refund Policy

The following ticket refund policy applies to tickets purchased for the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024 matches though the official sales channel - This refund policy only addresses situations related to weather-affected play and cancelled matches only and excludes

International Cricket Council (ICC), Cricket West Indies (CWI) and T20 USA Inc. refund tickets under the following circumstances:

Weather-Affected Play:

If a T20 World Cup 2024 match does not take place due to the weather as a result of rain or other act beyond the control of the ICC, CWI or T20 USA inc, a refund of the face value of the match ticket will be made as follows:

Full refund of face-value ticket price If no ball bowled in the entire match.

Full refund of the face value ticket price If any Group or Super 8 match is cancelled or abandoned before the completion of a total of 5 overs of cricket and without an official result being achieved.

Full the Semi-Finals and Final, if the weather prevents an official result being achieved, a reserve day is allocated so the matches can take place. All Semi-Final and Final tickets will be valid for the reserve day if the game is abandoned.

If the play does not take place on the reserve day, then the full face value ticket price will be refunded if a total of less than 10 overs of cricket is played and without an official result being achieved.

For your clarity, refunds will not be made if:

  • 5 overs or more of cricket are played for the Group and Super 8 matches, even if a result is not achieved.
  • 10 overs or more of cricket are played for the Semi-Finals and Final matches, even if a result is not achieved.
  • If an official result is achieved in any match.

Refund Process:

Refunds will be only for official T20 World Cup tickets purchased through the official T20 World Cup ticketing website and authorized ticket travel partners. Refunds will not be issued for tickets purchased through third-party resellers.

For Online purchases: If a match is impacted by the mentioned reasons, a refund will be automatically be initiated within eight weeks of the tournament's end date on the 29th June. If you do not receive the refund within this timeframe, please send an email to for further assistance.

For tickets provided through official tour and travel packages: your refund will need to be claimed through your tour operator or travel agent, providing details of the affected day's play and your booking for processing.

For Box Office purchases: T20 World Cup 2024 will provide information at the venue on key steps to apply for a refund for tickets purchased at the official box offices. Ticket holders should keep hold of their ticket stubs and receipts to provide proof of purchase.

Refundable Bookings Purchase:

For ticket holders who purchase a “refundable booking” as part of their ticket order and transaction made through the T20 World Cup 2024 official ticket service, International Cricket Council (ICC), Cricket West Indies (CWI) and T20 USA Inc Tickets provides this service to allow ticket holders to claim for a refund for non-attendance at a match due to specified unforeseen circumstances.

The Refundable Booking product must be actively selected and paid for as part of the transaction and cannot be refunded once purchased. If you cannot attend a match due to one of the specified unforeseen circumstances listed HERE, ticket holders who have made a Refundable Booking can claim using the link in their Order Confirmation email. Ticket holders will be required to provide evidence of circumstance in which they have not been able to attend the match.

Refundable Bookings refunds are processed separately by our Refundable Booking service partner,

There are no other circumstances in which refunds will be provided.

Hospitality and Party Stand Refunds:

Refunds for hospitality and party stand tickets will only apply for the "cricket component" of the ticket related to entering the stadium venue to watch a match. Where food and beverages are fully inclusive or part inclusive, a refund will not be provided for this element of the ticket price.

If you have purchased your hospitality or Party Stand tickets through a hospitality or Party Stand operator partner, you will need to claim your refund directly from that partner, and based on the conditions outlined above.