Pitch Ratings

Pitch and Outfield Ratings
ICC receives a rating on the performance of the pitch and the outfield for every Test Match, One Day International and Twenty20 International played between the countries. Pitches and outfields are marked after the match has ended by the ICC Match Referee on duty at the match. The rating is then provided as feedback to the host Member Board to assist in future pitch and outfield preparations for international matches at the relevant venue.  In addition, if a pitch or outfield is marked as substandard the relevant Home Board and the venue are required to explain why the pitch and/or outfield performed below the required standard. A pitch or outfield is deemed to be substandard if it receives a rating of poor or unfit. Sanctions may be applied by ICC to a venue that presents a substandard pitch or outfield for international cricket.
The performance of pitches and outfields are rated as follows:
Very Good,  Good,  Average,  Below Average,  Poor,  Unfit.

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