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want to know more about criiio, check out the frequently asked questions below.

what is criiio?

criiio is a celebration of the many ways cricket is played around the world. you can play in a park, in the street, on a beach or in a hall, using any type of bat and ball to play. it’s up to you!

what is the difference between criiio and cricket?

criiio is cricket played your way. traditional cricket is played with a hard ball and between teams of eleven-a-side. criiio celebrates all of the creative and adaptive ways that cricket is being played around the world.

where can I play criiio?

you can play anywhere with anyone, just bring a bat and ball to play and make sure it is safe in the playing area. if you want to play in criiio competitions, get in touch with your local cricket organisation about any criiio festivals and tournaments coming up. or better yet, create your own criiio-cup with your friends!

can I organise criiio games in my community?

if you are over the age of 13, you can organise criiio games for all your friends, families, neighbours or anyone in your community. visit ( to follow the easy online steps to access all the tools and skills to bring criiio to your community and start having fun.


challenge yourself

time to get out of your chair and try these challenges for yourself! have fun trying batting, bowling, catching and throwing through these exciting mini-games and challenges.

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