The ICC and UNICEF have created eight online learning modules that will teach you important life skills go beyond the boundary. Watch all eight videos to #BeAChampion and collect your certificate at the end!

Criiio 4 Good in India

1. Leadership

A true leader leads and inspires

What makes a good leader? 
One that leads, inspires, and sets an example. 
Sports is a great way to develop leadership skills, just like it did for Siya. 
Siya wanted to be a leader but she had doubts and fears. How did she overcome them?
Let’s watch.

criiio - leadership
criiio - problem solving

2. Problem-Solving

No problem, or “SCORE” is too huge

Life and cricket teach us to take challenges head-on and never run away from them.
Just like how Nasrin, Paramjeet and their friends took up the challenge when they didn’t have a playground to play.
Some of their elder’s felt cricket was not for girls.
A challenging situation, but our young friends resolved their problems skillfully.
Let’s see how!

3. Confidence is the key

No problem, or “SCORE” is too huge

You can achieve anything in life if you are confident. The key is to believe in yourself.
Just like Avni. Her story inspires us when she transforms from a shy girl to a self-assured individual!
Sports helped her believe in herself and opened doors for her
to meet people from all walks of life and have the confidence to express her thoughts effectively.
Watch her story.

criiio - confidence
criiio - negotiation

4. Negotiate your way

No problem, or “SCORE” is too huge

Sometimes, you may get angry, discouraged, and sad if you don’t get what you want.
But don’t let these emotions make you feel helpless.
Cricket teaches you to negotiate, discuss, understand the issue, and find a solution.
Like it did for Ria and her friends, who used negotiation skills to convince their elders
to support them in playing their favourite sport.
Let’s watch how.

5. Decision-Making

Get Set Goal

In the sports field, as well as in life, you will have to make quick decisions.
Making decisions can get challenging at times. We need more choices and options.
Aahaan, Kabir, Ishaan, Aditi and Neha also struggle to decide.
Let’s see how they seek help, weigh their options, and make the right call.

criiio - decision making
criiio - teamwork

6. Teamwork

Teamwork Works

Karthik was a bright young boy but a loner. He kept to himself and never sought or gave support to his teammates.
He also felt girls knew nothing about playing cricket.
That is till he joined the cricket camp and met Meenu and Anjali.
Get inspired by Karthik’s transformation from a loner to a team person.
Team sports like cricket are a fantastic way to learn teamwork.

7. Empathy

True friends care for each other.

What makes good friends?
It is having each other’s back and appreciating
one another. It is about sharing your happiness and worries.
This is the story of Sonia, Rishi, Akash and Kajal, who became great friends
because they appreciated and understood each other.
See how cricket helped them bond.

criiio - empathy
criiio - goal setting

8. Goal Setting

Get Set Goal

Dreaming alone isn’t enough. No dream or goal can be achieved until you plan for it.
Work hard, be disciplined and focus on your goal.
Akhila’s goal was to become a cricketer, and she set clear-cut goals and worked towards them.
Watch Akhila’s story to inspire you to set goals in life and work to achieve them.
I hope Akhila’s story inspires you to set up goals in life and maybe take up cricket, too. :)

Watch the video, and don’t forget to collect your UNICEF-ICC certificate at the end.