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West Indies star Nicholas Pooran had words of encouragement for India's Rishabh Pant, who is on the road to recovery after suffering injuries in a near-fatal car accident.

Nicholas Pooran was in the same shoes as Rishabh Pant over eight years ago when he too was involved in a car accident on his way back from a training session. The Windies star had to undergo two surgeries and was on the shelf for close to six months before he could walk again.

Pooran, who is currently in India representing the Lucknow Super Giants in the Indian Premier League (IPL), said that he has been in constant touch with Pant. The Indian wicket-keeper is on the road to recovery and was recently spotted at the Arun Jaitley Stadium during Delhi Capitals' clash against Gujarat Titans.

"It's very challenging. It's one where no one understands," Pooran said.

"Sometimes, I can remember… I have been chatting with Rishabh obviously. Both of us have a really good relationship. But there's times when you go into a place where you're very depressed, and frustrated, because you want the healing process to happen so fast. But it's difficult."

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Pant was involved in a near-fatal car crash on December 30 and suffered a number of serious injuries. He had to undergo surgery to repair his damaged knee but is making good progress with his recovery.

"Sometimes you don't see progress," Pooran added, reflecting on his recovery phase. "In life, you want to see progress, you want it to happen so fast, but it doesn't happen the whole time. It's very challenging, but [you] need to believe in yourself."

"Need to believe that whatever happened, happened for a reason. Can't question it, because you won't get an answer. You need to believe in your God as well. Have faith in yourself, have faith in your hard work."

"As soon as you see… that first step you take, once you can see that improvement, I think that's when you become motivated.

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Pant hits two one-handed sixes

Pooran provided more words of encouragement and has backed Pant to bounce back in style.

"Rishabh will come out of this. He's a strong guy. He will come out of this. And he will be better. You just need to believe in yourself; he needs to spend time with himself and understand who are the people for him and who is against him. This is where you know who are your family and who are your friends."

"It's a difficult period in anyone's life. Everyone has different challenges. Challenges come in different forms and ways. But it's a blessing in disguise [in a way], and you'll figure it out. Everyone goes through challenges. He'll get back up."

Pant has been a key part of India's team across all formats and the team will miss his services at the upcoming World Test Championship Final against Australia at The Oval on 7 July. There is no official timeline for his return at the moment but the 25-year-old is also expected to miss the Asia Cup and Cricket World Cup at home later this year.








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