Safety and security international trends


As part of our oncoming commitment to enhancing safety and security across the cricketing family, the ICC has commissioned a quarterly assessment of threat trends complied by our independent risk assessors G4S (Full Report available). This product uses monitoring over the past three years to curate actionable intelligence with respect to significant security incidents. These types of incidents are not limited to specific geographical regions but reoccur as protest groups change tactics and learn from events globally. In summary, the generic trends we are seeing are:

  • Politically motivated protests where cricket is used as a canvas to publicise issues
  • Pitch invasions by opportunistic and fixated fans
  • Regional geopolitics, border clashes, conflict and terrorism/insurgency
  • Asymmetric and non-traditional threats such as UAVs and environmental hazards
  • Violence between fans (shared online)

We trust this intelligence product will be useful in assisting Boards to plan bi-lateral series. Any feedback of comments will be gratefully received.