ICC launches landmark project ahead of Men's T20 World Cup

International Cricket Council (ICC) has launched an all new anthem and music piece, composed by Grammy award winning composer Lorne Balfe, to be played across ICC world events. 

This new sonic brand will the official anthem of the ICC to be played at all matches, encapsulating the dynamic spirit of the sport across its different formats: Test, ODI and T20Is. This composition comes from Balfe, whose compositions are famous in the world of cinema and television. Some of his recent works include Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1, Life on Our Planet narrated by Morgan Freeman, Black Adam, Luther: The Fallen Sun, Top Gun: Maverick and Black Widow.

The new anthem will debut in the opening match of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup between USA and Canada in Dallas, Texas on 1 June, 2024.

The new ICC anthem, composed by Grammy-winner Lorne Balfe

The new ICC anthem, composed by Grammy-winner Lorne Balfe

Created at the illustrious Abbey Road Recording Studios in London, utilising a variety of orchestral instruments, cricket equipment, and in-game sounds, the score creates a rousing and awe-inspiring soundscape, reminiscent of the anticipation before the start of play, triumph at the end of matches and celebration in the moment of an eventual trophy lift.

It celebrates the rich tapestry of cricket culture, creating a visceral experience for the game's followers across ICC event’s various platforms.

Balfe was delighted to spearhead this landmark project, calling the anthem an attempt to embody the spirit of the game.

“It’s been a great experience working with the ICC and composing the new anthem. It’s an anthem of unity and the goal was echo the spirit of every boundary crossed and wicket taken in this wonderful, timeless sport,” he said.

Chris Tetley, the ICC Head of Events, was pleased to have an official auditory experience that could match up to the intensity of the sport on the field.

“We are delighted to share this special project with the world. This new sonic brand identity has been in the works for some time and the process of getting to the final product has been as intricate as the music piece itself.

“We are proud to have a sonic logo that matches the visual work that takes place both on and off the field.

“The music will serve as an auditory expression of our sport’s unique nature of nation versus nation competition and the significance of World Cup events. Our objective is for it to bring cricket top of mind whenever it is heard and will take listeners on the journey of highs, lows, anticipation, and triumph that the sport is well known for.

“It has been a delight to partner with COOL Music Ltd who has led on this project to bring the passion of cricket and music together.”

‘Out of this World’ by Sean Paul and Kes: The official ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 anthem

‘Out of this World’ by Sean Paul and Kes: The official ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 anthem

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