ICC Umpire and Referee appointments

The ICC announces the provisional appointment of officials for upcoming series and matches as early as possible, although sometimes these appointments can change prior to the match or series. When determining which umpires will stand in each match/series, the ICC applies the following criteria and considerations:

  • Independent of the countries involved in the match/series
  • The best available umpires for the match/series
  • Better performing umpires used more often
  • The frequency of individuals appointed to same teams
  • Workload considerations¬†


England v Pakistan Test series

Start date Venue Referee Umpire 1 Umpire 2 TV umpire
5 August 2020 Old Trafford Chris Broad Richard Kettleborough Richard Illingworth Michael Gough
13 August 2020 Ageas Bowl Chris Broad Michael Gough Richard Kettleborough Richard Illingworth
21 August 2020 Ageas Bowl Chris Broad Richard Illingworth Michael Gough Richard Kettleborough