ICC Anti-Doping Code

The ICC became a signatory of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in July 2006

The ICC Anti-Doping Code compliant with the WADA Code ensures cricket plays its part in the global fight against drugs in sport. Through the adoption and implementation of the ICC Anti-Doping Code, ICC continues in its efforts to:

(a) maintain the integrity of the sport of cricket
(b) protect the health and rights of all participants in the sport of cricket
(c) keep the sport of cricket free from doping

The following downloads are key documents all related to ICC Anti-Doping. 

• ICC Anti-Doping Code
• Player's Consent and Agreement to the ICC Anti-Doping Code
• Whereabouts Requirements for Out-of-Competition Testing - Effective 1 August 2013
• The National Cricket Federation’s Anti-Doping rules template
• Summary of the Key Changes to the WADA Prohibited List for 2016
• ICC AD Pocket Guide 2017
• The WADA 2017 Prohibited List (effective 1 January 2017)
• WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations - Effective 1 January 2015
• WADA International Standard for TUEs - Effective 1 January 2015
• Advisory note – Use of Supplements