Education and Awareness

The International Cricket Council (ICC) recognises the importance of education as a vital element in the broader fight against doping in sport. The ICC remains committed to supporting its Member Boards in drug awareness and education.

Integrity App

The ICC Integrity App provides easy access to important Anti-Doping and Anti-Corruption information relevant to all cricket stakeholders in particular players and team officials.

The Anti-Doping section of the app includes useful information such as the current Prohibited List, the sample collection procedure, the dangers of using supplements, the Therapeutic Use Exemption process and the different anti-doping rule violations.

The App is also a secure and easy channel through which to report any suspicious incidents or behavior, whether related to corruption, doping, or other integrity concerns.
The ICC strongly encourages all cricket stakeholders in particular players and team officials to download the ICC Integrity app from Google Play or the App Store.

Dangers of Doping

The ICC’s concern with Doping goes beyond the fact that it is against the rules of sport. It is also concerned with the risks associated with the use of supplements, as well as the health consequences of using specific substances (including steroids, EPO, stimulants, hGH, masking agents, marijuana and narcotics).

The ‘Dangers of Doping’ leaflet addresses the health and safety risks associated with categories of substances and methods on the WADA Prohibited List (List) and the risks associated with the use of supplements.

Click here to download.


WADA’s anti-doping e-learning platform (ADeL) offers free access to all topics related to clean sport and anti-doping. It offers courses for athletes, coaches, doctors, administrators and anyone interested in learning more about anti-doping and protecting the values of clean sport.

ADeL can be accessed on different formats and devices, including phones and tablets. Users will also be able to demonstrate competence with each course by acquiring a certificate following a test.

ADeL currently includes the following modules:

  • Coach True
  • Sport’s physicians toolkit online
  • ADO kick start
  • Parents’ Guide to Support Clean Sport.

Play True

WADA’s Play True Quiz is an interactive computer game that allows athletes and their entourage to test their anti-doping knowledge. It can be used by Anti-Doping Organisations during education and awareness sessions or at outreach programs.

The Quiz is also available in the form of handouts should there be restricted access to computers and the internet. Click here to download.

Player’s Anti-Doping Guide

The ICC Player’s anti-doping guide is a resource that highlights a player’s responsibilities and provide advice to players on TUEs, Sample Collection, Blood Testing, Whereabouts and Anti-Doping in general. Click here to download.