Effective anti-doping testing is an important part of the ICC’s Anti-Doping Program. Testing can be both in-competition or match day testing and out-of-competition testing or non-match day testing as defined in the ICC Anti-Doping Code. To facilitate efficient and effective no advance notice out-of-competition testing the ICC collects information on whereabouts. Whereabouts information (dates, times, locations, etc.) is information submitted to the ICC that allows a player or a team to be located for out-of-competition testing.

In 2010, the ICC commenced its Whereabouts program and developed the ‘Whereabouts Requirements for Out of Competition Testing’. This document which forms part of the ICC Code sets out in detail the ICC’s approach to collecting whereabouts information.

The ICC’s whereabouts program includes three whereabouts pools, two player pools and a team whereabouts pool.

  • The International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP)
  • The National Player Pool (NPP)
  • The National Cricket Federation Pool (NCFP)

Players who do not fall into either of the two player pools are still subject to no advance notice out-of-competition testing wherein they may be tested a any time or place on any day of the year whether or not they are required to provide information on their whereabouts.


Players who have notified of their inclusion in the ICC’s International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) are required to submit whereabouts information on a quarterly basis directly to the ICC so as to be available for out of competition testing. The criteria for inclusion in the IRTP is set out in the ‘About the IRTP’ document below.

Only those players who meet the IRTP selection criteria and receive notification from the ICC to that effect are required to provide whereabouts information pursuant to WADA's International Standard for Testing and Investigations (this includes overnight residence, daily 60-minute testing slot, information on training and competition).

The responsibility to file and keep up to date the whereabouts information with the ICC is always the player's; however, the player can chose to authorise a third party such as their manager or family member to file this information on their behalf.

IRTP Whereabouts Submission - IRTP whereabouts must be submitted and kept up to date on WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) or via the ADAMS app available on Apple Store and Google Play. The ICC Anti-Doping team will provide the IRTP player (and their representative) with training on how to use the system.

In case of any difficult in accessing ADAMS, please contact the ICC Anti-Doping team.


The ICC established a second whereabouts pool of players that are required to provide some information to the ICC to facilitate out of competition testing on them. Information on the NPP including selection criteria, whereabouts requirements and consequences for failing to comply is set out in the ‘About the NPP’ document available below.

As always, the player remains responsible for filing whereabouts information and keeping that information up to date with the ICC. The player can choose to authorise a third party to file information on their behalf, but the responsibility always remains with the player.

NPP Whereabouts Submission - NPP whereabouts information will be submitted using the NPP Whereabouts Filing Form below. The ICC Anti-Doping team will provide the NPP player (and their representative) with training on how to complete the form. For further guidance on submission or updating NPP whereabouts information please refer to the ‘How to complete the NPP Whereabouts Filing Form’ and ‘How to update NPP Whereabouts’ documents below.


Cricket is a team sport where players train collectively, therefore the ICC established its third whereabouts pool based on team whereabouts information. Article 2 of the ICC Whereabouts Regulations sets out the categories of National Cricket Federations (NCFs) that are included in the NCFP, the whereabouts information to be provided for national representative teams and Specified Domestic Events as defined in the ICC’s Whereabouts Regulations and the consequences for failing to comply.

NCF Whereabouts Submission - The NCF will be required to authorise who is responsible for filing and for keeping up to date whereabouts information by completing the NCF Filing Responsibility Form below. Information will be submitted monthly on WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) or via the ADAMS app available for download from Apple Store or Google Play.

NCF Filing Responsibility Form